They sat on opposite sides of the kitchen table, silently drawing their letters.

She started with listen. He followed with frigid. She countered with trapped.

More words followed, carefully placed upon the board.

icy, pack, cold, leaving, unfeeling...

The words unfolded before them. Placed by chance?

bane, war(after his cold), gone, deadwood, enslave, quibble, torn, zero...

She chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully as she brushed the hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. She layed the tiles out to spell the word quest.

jinx - He smiled triumphantly at the 78 point word on the board.

vary, no, must, mad, hurt...

They finished up with various small words. He using up all his letters before her. She only had to subtract one point. Still, he blew her away. 281 - 173. He had won again.

She was quiet as she put the pieces away before walking away from the table.

"Sore loser", he said, "It's only a game."

She didn't answer.

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