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I've spent the last six weeks working in my local campaign office for the Sierra Club with the Fund for Public Interst Research. (A non-profit organization that handles membership and organizes congressional districts for the state Pirgs, Greenpeace, the Human Rights Campaign, Amnesty International, Save the Children Foundation, Sierra Club and others) I have learned more about what is happening to our environment, why, and what we need to do to change it than I thought I could ever have retained.

This is what we use at the door when we do our canvassing to educate people and recruit members so that we can make those changes. The funds from members, primarily in this California specific campaign, allows us to level the playing field when going up against the timber, coal and other large industries who are working to expoit and destroy our wild heritage.

Should you decide you would in fact like to join as a member of the Sierra Club or just want to know more you can do so at their website: www.sierraclub.org


GREETING: Hi there! How are you?

INTRO: My name's ---, and I'm here for the Sierra Club tonight. We're the nations oldest and largest grassroots environmental group.

PURPOSE: Right now, we're working to protect California's wilderness.

PROBLEM: Basically, in the last twenty years, clear cutting and over-development have ruined over 700,000 acres of wilderness just in California. As you may know, this affects people, wildlife and our state's economy.

Right now, the timber industry and other powerful interests are lobbying against us protecting out rivers and forests. But, we definitley can protect these areas with enough public support and thats why we're out here talking to people this evening.

Here, take a look at my Statement of Support. (Hand over clipboard) This outlines the work that we do.

SOLUTION: The best way to support this effort is for you to become a member of the Sierra Club tonight. We suggest a contibution of $60 for the year. It's our members that give us the resources it takes to win!

CLOSE: As a member you'll receive our bi-monthly Sierra magazine (flip to magazine) along with updates throughout the year from your local chapter here in LA. The best way to contribute is with a check.

(If yes):

That's great! Thank you so much for getting involved. Let me get your name on my statement of support here and if I could get you to sign one of these postcards we'll send it to Sen. Dianne Feinstein to let her know that we have you support. (hand clipboard and postcard) Here is your new member information. (hand new member envelope) You should recieve a conformation letter and your first magazine in a few weeks. Thanks again and have a great night!

(If no):

FOCUS: No problem, are you with us on these issues?

TRANSITION: That's great! The important thing is that everyone who is with us, like youself, does get involved and contribute as generously as they can. Let me show you why...(hand over clipboard again and flip to fact sheet)

FIRST RESPONSE: Like I said, we've already lost those 700,000 acres and at the present rate in the next century we're set to lose 90% of our remaining unprotected wild areas. We have a really unique opportunity right now to permanently protect 2.5 million acres of forest rivers beaches and desert in California through the California Wild Heritage Act, but only if we can get enough public support. We do have a minimum membership of $35 and like I said it's really our members that give us the political and financial backing to go up against groups like the timber industry and win this campaign.

(if they still haven't shut the door in your face and just can't afford the minimum mebership):

SECOND RESPONSE: No problem, people definitley get involved at all levels. Did you know that 60% of our clean drinking water comes from our wilderness and that those areas act as a filter for air pollutants. The Wild Heritage Act is about to come up for a vote in this congressional session, likely in January. Thats why it's so critical that we do get the support it takes to help push it through right now. It would be great it you could contribute just $x.(5, 10, 20- whatever your judgment tells you at this point)


**One of the most important things to remember when canvassing is to have a good leave at every door. Not only are you a representative for said organization, it is imperative that you have a thick skin and go to each door with as fresh an attitude as you have at your first door. People can sense when you aren't sure of yourself and will not give you the time of day. Whether they donate a thousand dollars or tell you to go to hell you just have to thank them for their time and tell them to have a great day. We have a quote up in the office that pretty much sums it up: One person not giving will not make a difference, one person giving will.

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