Ever wanted to do it in a public bathroom? How about on the beach when you thought no one was looking? My adventurous friends, this is exactly the uncharted territory you've been waiting to explore. If the bedroom has lost all its excitement for you, or your back is beginning to ache from the hard kitchen floor, a little heart-racing, society-shunned behavior could spice things up a bit for you. There are a plethora of options awaiting the sex-crazed veteran as well as the not-so-sure novice. Sex was around long before societies came into existence or houses were built or the word "conservative" had any legitimate meaning. It can therefore be construed that sex began as an outdoor adventure and was moved indoors and out of the public eye once it began to be considered "nasty."

Now how can you label "nasty" an act that made your life possible? I say we that we should embrace our animalistic roots and proceed with the phenomenon now referred to as "exhibitionism." The great thing about exhibitionism is that it can happen anywhere. This gives you control over how daring you choose to be. For some, exhibitionism is simply having sex in front of the window with the curtains pulled aside – living across the street from some of the fraternities, as I have, will give you a good idea of how to do this. For the really devilish ones, there is always the public bathroom at a bar. Not quite as out in the open as the window option, but much harder to accomplish.

An act of exhibitionism can simply be a one-time experience you look back on when you're older. Or it can become a regular occurrence to which you'll grow addicted. Either way, it serves as a boost to any relationship, whether it enhances your sex life or merely gives you something to laugh about. Spontaneous sex is the best kind of sex and exhibitionism falls right into this category. You could technically plan to have sex in the botanical gardens, but it takes a bit of the adventure out of the situation. Now if you're walking through a campus at night with your partner and it suddenly occurs to you to have sex in the hallway... well, that's true exhibitionism. Granted, there must be a few aspects to consider before attempting such risky behavior. First and foremost, we need to respect the fact that not everyone wants to see you having sex on a park bench in broad daylight. In fact, such blatant disregard for people isn't at all what I'm advocating.

The whole point of exhibitionism is doing it in a public place while trying your hardest not to be discovered. Don't go to an elementary school or a nursing home and give them your best show. Trust me, they won't be asking for an encore, and as you're being driven away in a police car, you'll begin to wonder what you were thinking. Let's stick to empty parks at night or secluded beaches, shall we? With all that said and done, I think you're all set for yet another form of sexual enlightenment that will help you sustain a current relationship, or find another, more suitable one. After all, sex is a form of self-realization. This is why you should explore as many sexual options as possible to make sure you're living your intimate life to the fullest.

Just because you think you've exhausted all possible options in your attempts to enhance your sex life, in no way have you actually done so. There will always be another option awaiting your daring spirit.

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