This works only with United States currency. Start with a crisp, new one dollar bill. As you work, run your thumbnail along all folded edges to turn them into sharp creases.

Tight roll
  1. Hold the dollar bill with the green side facing you. This is the back side (now you see why it is called a greenback).
  2. Fold the lower right hand corner away from you, using the edge of the Great Seal for the fold line. This will put the top of the fold slightly over the half of the width.
  3. On the left hand side, fold the vertical edge toward you along the white border. This will put all of the back border inside the fold – The side of the fold now facing you will be half border, half black/white pattern.
  4. Using this inward fold as a base, fold the dollar bill over and over, from the vertical fold on the left side toward the corner fold on the right side. Crease the length of the bill each time you fold it. This ensures that it stays flat.
  5. When you get to the place where the right hand corner fold appears, you will be left with a partial width of the bill in your right hand. Tuck this under the loose edge of the right hand fold.
  6. You now have a completely rolled flat cylinder. Holding each end by the thumb, index and middle fingers of a hand, twist one end towards you, the other end away from you.
  7. When it is twisted as tightly as possible, push the flat edges of the cylinder toward each other so the cylinder becomes round.
  8. It is now very difficult to unroll the cylinder. Group treasurers hate it when you put this in a collection basket.
A Drummer Boy hat
  1. Hold the dollar bill with George W. facing you. Fold it exactly in half, along the length. The fold will be just under his left ear.
  2. Open the bill and hold it with George W. facing you. Fold it exactly in half, along the width. The fold will just miss his left eye.
  3. Hold it folded with the vertical fold at the top in a horizontal position. Fold the left corner away from you and the right corner towards you, using the previous long fold as a guide line between the two folds.
  4. Take the loose end of the fold on the side facing you and fold it up so the edge of the bill just touches the bottom edge of the corner fold. Do the same with the other side.
  5. Bring up the folded edge on the bottom so it also touches the edge of the corner fold. Do the same on the other side. You now have what looks like a pyramid with a band around the bottom edge.
  6. There is a bit of the bottom band extending beyond the diagonal line of the pyramid. Fold the left bit of the front band downward, then the right bit downward also. Turn it around and do the same on the other side. The pyramid should now be completely triangular.
  7. Put your thumbs in the opening on the bottom and spread it apart. Flatten it out so it is a flat square.
  8. Hold it so the ends with the folded band corners are pointing upward. Open it again. Fold the two upward corners inward.
  9. There’s the hat. You can wear it on your forefinger and tap on the table during a conference.
A four-pointed star
  1. With the greenback facing you, fold the dollar bill in half, exactly along the length.
  2. Holding it with the top edge of the greenback facing you, bring the left side up to a vertical position with the folded bottom edge bisecting the O in the word "of" appearing in "The United States Of America" printed along the top edge..
  3. Fold the right side toward you, keeping it horizontal. The top, open edge will be just below the letter "E" in the word "One" appearing on the bottom of the greenback.
  4. Fold the vertical section down over the horizontal section. Turn the whole thing around.
  5. – You should have a horizontal piece extending on the right and a vertical piece extending from the bottom. There will be a pocket in the upper left hand corner.
  6. – Fold the vertical piece upward (towards you) and tuck it into this pocket.
  7. – Fold the horizontal piece toward you and tuck it into the pocket.
  8. – You have a square. Fold the lower left hand corner over the upper right hand corner.Sharpen the crease and open. Do the same with the lower right hand corner and the upper left hand corner. Sharpen the crease and open again.
  9. – With the thumb and index finger of each hand, pinch along the fold lines on opposite corners – first one set of corners, then the other set. This will give it shape AND . . .
  10. Congratulations. You have a silly star. Isn't it pretty?

Some other silly folds for bills. I have only done these with American currency, but I suspect they can be adapted.
Use of a crisp new bill and sharp edges will greatly increase your yield.

The Fan
This is your basic fan that anyone can make. It is extremely easy but something to do to pass the time.

1) Holding the bill horizontally, start at the border. Simply fold short white border in. Continue to fold this way alternating the direction of the fold going back and forth. Try to keep the size of each fold the same as it makes for a much sharper fan. You really need to try to keep the folds the same size and parallel, as it definitely improves the quality. (Note: You do not need to start with the white border; it is just a handy landmark. The more alternating folds the cooler it is)

2) Take the bottom of one of the ends and simply fold it over. This gives a base for the fan and holds it together.

3) Now simply spread out the fan. And you’re done!

The Heart or Valentine
This will make you a quick decent heart out of a bill, good for tips for that cute waitress/waiter or if you happen to need a quick gift.

1) Start by folding the bill exactly in half lengthwise two times.

2) Wrap the bill around in a loop, and insert one end into the other. Basically you slide each end into the other locking it tight. You’ll want it a bit less than a half inch or so deep.

3) Fold the middle of the overlapped pieces as tightly as you can. (This holds it in place.) Do the same to the opposite end of the circle.

4) Take the non-overlapped end and push it in towards the center. You should see a heart forming. Don’t push it all the way; just make it look like a heart.

5) Now you’ll have two points, fold a bit of each of these corners to make them hold. Now just work with the heart till it looks good.

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