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Sitno is a mountain in Central Slovakia. At 850 meters above sea level, Sitno is by no means the highest mountain of Slovakia. But it is probably the most famous one, a location of legends.

For one, Sitno is absolutely beautiful. It stands proud above a huge lake by the name of Pocuvadlo (which, literally, means the listening tool). That offers a breath taking view to anyone who takes the time and effort to hike up the Sitno mountain. I visited twice in my life. Both times were an unforgettable experience.

The top of Sitno is also the location of an ancient castle built during the late Bronze Age. The castle, alas, is now a ruin, destroyed by the Kurutz army in 1703.

Furthermore, Sitno is the place where many a rare and protected species live, both as vegetation and animals.

According to the legend, a troop of Slovak knights lives inside the mountain. They will come out of the mountain sometime in the future, in the time of the greatest tribulation the people of Slovakia will ever go through. At that time, they will fight whoever will be the cause of that tribulation. They will win and bring an eternal peace to Slovakia.

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