A shot in basketball made by jumping high into the air and throwing the ball down through the basket. This has been made ridiculously easy since most players today are over 6'3" while the basket height remains at 10'.

This is not intended for the 5'2", 400 pounds, not one bit athletic person. This is intended for people who are almost there but need that extra help.

  1. Dunk with one hand. Even though you can't palm the ball( I can't either) use only one hand. It will give you that extra 2 inches of reach.
  2. Only jump once. Seems stupid to say, but a lot of people that I see trying to dunk make a huge initial jump thinking that it's going to make them go higher.
  3. Swing your arms. I know that swinging your arms with a ball is difficult but do it while bringing the ball up. It will give a a few inches more.
  4. Keep practicing. Keep jumping. Even when your tired after a ball game. A lot of people have strong legs but simply are really lacking in the technique. Film yourself dunking if you have the chance. You should be able to see your major flaws just by looking at yourself.
  5. I always empty my body first. Pee or shit, whatever. May not make any difference but works for me.

Dunking is not an easy thing to do even though you're over 6'3". Dunking in a game is very hard unless you have a clear break away

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