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Actually "Silk", soy milk made by White Wave. It has color and richness somewhere between 2% and whole milk. There's vanilla smilk, chocolate smilk, and "plain" smilk. The vanilla is very good on cereal. The soybeans are third-party certified organic, BTW. Smilk:milk::tofu:cheese.

To truly enjoy smilky goodness, it's vital that the smilk be, in fact, "good" - i.e., fresh. Silk stays fresh much longer than real milk; it's not unusual to pick up a carton with a sell-by date a month in the future. Whereas marginally fresh whole milk will separate (in coffee, for example), stale Silk thickens to a richer consistency, and develops a mild bean-y smell and taste. This will gradually intensify until the consistency is gloppy. Properly refrigerated and consumed before the sell-by date, it should never reach this condition.

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