So is this a Customer Service Center or a Technical Support Center?

In BaronCarlos Cubicle Jungle, Carlos is one of the few Cubicle Techs who are oriented very technically. And this is to the satisfaction of the Cubicle Leads who prefer the Cubicle Population to be more Customer Service oriented.

Granted, Baron Carlos prefers the performance end of Customer Satisfaction over the personal end. Meaning that BaronCarlos wants his problem solved more then he wants the rep to feel his pain.

Carlos is learning that few people think this way and want to be “stroked” when calling for technical support and that Carlos needs more Customer Service skills.

But this all brings a debate to the Carlosian Mind:

  1. What is the goal of this, and other Call Centers?
      Is it problem solving?
      Or is it hand holding
  2. What is the method or technique of each phone call?
      Is it to dissect the issue and troubleshoot accordingly?
      Is it to question the emotional state of the caller and help that individual cope?

BaronCarlos is learning that the task is both.

This is difficult for The Baron of Darkness as Carlos does not care how the customer is doing, or what they had for lunch. Carlos wants their problem solved, because that is what BaronCarlos would demand if the roles were reversed.

Carlos is also finding out that this is not only for external customers but internal ones as well. This is quite a quandry since BaronCarlos expects that his co-workers be more technically minded.

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What this means is that when other Cubicle Dwellers approach BaronCarlos for help, Carlos cannot just give an answer, Carlos must probe as to the emotional condition of this individual and make sure they can understand Carlos and communicate that information to the Customer.

    BaronCarlos shakes his head rueufully

    This has been a Carlosian Public Service Announcement

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