Citadel of Geekdom (home of the department of Computer Science) at UC Berkeley. A scary place where at any hour of any day one can find CS Students engaged in all manners of unholy pursuits, be it trying to get a hot cs date, playing their favorite text-based RPG, or downloading raunchy forbidden hentai. But beyond anything else, they all inevitably return to their native depths, to the deep, dank basement, otherwise known as the computer labs.

The stench these 4-eyed hoards of unbathing freaks hangs heavily in the Soda Hall basement, where all the minions pray constantly at rows of divine workstations, each one a luminous portal to the omnipotent server.

Many amateur practitioners of the dark magic of CS have easy access to Soda Hall as soon as they have been bestowed with the mighty keycard, even on a friday night. Howerver, truly exceptoinal is the lad who can LIVE within the haven of Soda, never needing to risk the world outside, where sunshine reigns by day and the dreaded frat party by night. Perhaps for a night or two one can sleep on the couches in the Lounge, but something more permanent is desired.

The first step toward this geek nirvana is an office. The lucky few who can get an office in Soda then have a place of their own to practice their dark art. They can derive sustinance with the power of the telephone and the pizza guy.

In order to take the final step in this journey one must gain something so coveted, so rare that it is rumored that not even the esteemed Professor Brian Harvey has this remarkable gift. That of which I speak is none other than a key to the legendary Shower of Soda Hall. According to legend, the Shower is within the deepest reaches of the basement of Soda Hall. Once the student has reached this final step, then he (and in very rare cases, she) is finally ready to begin a new life, dedicated solely to his Master, the Great Machine. And all eternity will be bliss.

Oh, and there ARE soda machines in Soda Hall. Candy machines too. And, yes, its architecture is reminiscent of a large beachfront bathroom.

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