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Soho Discount Books is located on Nassau St, between John and Fulton streets. It's a narrow store, wedged between an empty shoestore and a cell phone place. The whole store is about the size of the master bedroom in my parents' home. Not big.

To lure pedestrians into their store, they have a rickety card table set up outside their window. There's a sign reading 'All Books on This Table only $1.98!' It works.

The truth is that most of the books inside are also $1.98. It's my idea of heaven. Lots and lots of books at low prices. Some are old and waterstained, but mostly they carry publishers' seconds and discards. Small area, high concentration of material. No organization, just dig and move until you unearth your treasure.

I have found quite a few offbeat books, the kind I've never noticed in Barnes and Noble. I've managed to unearth the books that I take out of the library often to reread. Now I have my own copies.

There's a satisfying feeling I get from spending $21.40, and coming home with 10 new books. Can't beat it.

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