You can sell your unwanted books for cash through this website. I tried it and found it very easy to do.

The first step was to type in the ISBN numbers of the books I wanted to sell. This brought an immediate dollar offer on every book accepted by the company. The next step was to print out a packing list and a shipping label, pack up the books, and take the package to the post office. Books are shipped via prepaid mail. In less than a week I received a check.

Cash4Books buys only books with an ISBN number: they do not buy older and/or collectible books without an ISBN number. They specialize in textbooks, non-fiction, and professional/technical books but their list of examples carries a fair number of novels, a good selection of classics, some autobiography and biography, and a serious amount of self-help literature.

There are a few exceptions: No Reader’s Digest books, no comic books, no porn. Ex-library books are not accepted, or most bibles. Books on CD are fine, but not books on casette tapes.

The list of books purchased, posted daily on the website, shows prices ranging from under a dollar to as much as $35, with the majority of titles bringing between $1 and $10.

The price offered can change depending on the condition of the book, but merchandise is not expected to be in a “never opened” condition. A small amount of writing or underlining is usually allowed. Missing dustcovers decrease the price.

Books with obvious physical damage, loose or missing pages, major binding wear, and strong odors are not accepted. What if your books are rejected after you’ve shipped them? You can have them sent back to you but you’ll have to pay the return postage. Anything not returned is discarded or donated after 30 days.

There are no fees and, as as you are given a “merchandise return label”, there are no postage charges for outgoing books. Your only cost is any necessary packing materials.

A referral program that works with your own blog or e-mail pays $4 for each new customer your link brings in. Sales paid for via PayPal receive a 3% bonus. Incorporated under the name McKenzie Books, the company has been operating Cash4Books online since 2004. Located in Oregon, it is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


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