acoustic guitar + sad teenage boy + lyrics that seem simple yet witty at the same time

released in 1997 on Grand Royal records, i consider this the last great Ben Lee record. before he started dating Claire Daines, experimenting with "lush organic electronic soundscapes" and released Breathing Tornadoes. but lets just pretend that never happened

Side A:

  1. how to survive a broken heart

  2. deep talk in the shallow end

  3. in the desert*

  4. new song

  5. the tracklist on the LP actually has the above two reversed, but that is incorrect

Side B:

  1. eight years old

  2. career choice

  3. ketchum

  4. daisy

Side C:

  1. my drifting nature

  2. 2 sisters

  3. a month today

  4. bad radio voice*

Side D:

  1. household name

  2. grammercy park hotel

  3. end of the world

  4. long train ride

* extra song only on the LP

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