Man Ass

I've woken up with it on my face once, and I definitely didn't enjoy it. I mean, I'd fallen asleep, relavtively camouflaged by pillows and blankets, on the couch. It was fairly dark, but when you sleep on your back and some drunkard plops down on the couch, all hot for love with one of your more attractive female friends,

a) It isn't good to try to get all fun with them in your room,


b) It isn't good to sit on your host's head when he's done and gone for the night.

I awoke with a start, flailing my arms, and sticking my ring finger up his nose in the confusion. He got startled and stood up too quickly, knocking Megan backwards over a coffee table onto the floor. She got up and socked his bits for being "too forward" and because of the general disturbance of the atmosphere for everyone involved. He fell back on me, getting more ass in my face, and, as I was a little more awake, I tried scooting to the side and pushing him. He dropped on the ground, hitting Megan's legs, and she toppled onto me, which wasn't so bad for me, but she had her foot embedded in his neck, so I rolled her over to one side, and kicked him in the butt once for the sake of my nose.

All told, she had a bruise on her head, he had 'man pain' for a little while, a bloody nose, and hurt pride, and I swore that I could smell ass for the rest of the night, even when we were at Denny's, getting coffee.

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