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Carnegie Mellon University helped sponsor a Botball competition in the Pittsburgh area. I believe that there were 14 different teams there. Only three were high school teams. The rest were very immature middle school students.

The competition is very hard. Students spend six weeks designing, building, programming, and testing a completely autonomous robot to compete in head-to-head games that last ninety seconds. One middle school team managed to make it to the final round of a double elimination tournament. One kid on the team was extremely immature. This kid was eating a LEGO peice and danced around the table whenever the other team's robot broke. One such occurance was when an opponent's gear system was grinding. One kid said that it was "music to my ears."

Unfortunately, they won and will participate in the national competition in Seattle. Also, when they won, they let everyone know in the worst possible way, making them the sorest winners I've ever seen.

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