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SplatterHouse, released in 1988, is Namco's touching tribute to slasher films, and also one of the big Namco games that never made to the Nintendo, at least in the states. You can thank NOA's "family values" game approval policy at the time. Gameplay is oversized side scroller fun, lots of blood and gore. You're Rick, some poor sod who makes the mistake of going to Reanimator's mansion. A vacation he says! His girlfriend gets kidnapped, and he ends up killed by demons. He gets resurrected by the "Hell Mask", which makes Rick look consipcuously like Jason Voorhees. Instead of killing dumb kids at Crystal Lake though, he decides to bust some undead heads in through seven levels, preferrably with whatever weapons he can, including big freaking sticks, axes, and shotguns.

SplatterHouse was a pretty large arcade hit, both in the US and in Japan, and although Nintendo never did bend to gamers' demands to bring it to the NES in the states, I don't know if they would have liked what did come out Famicom-wise: a super-deformed comical take on the entire game, with bosses including Dracula (apparently in a disco!) and a Giant Ghost Hamster. In 1990 though the game was brought home proper, for NEC's PC Engine (AKA the Turbografx-16). Namco also ported the sequel to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis in 1992, and then made Splatterhouse III direct-to-console, again for the SEGA 16-bitters. There was also a version of the original for the FM Towns Marty. I guess that's worth noting. If you wanna play it emulated, get the MAME port of your choice.

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