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Springfield Oval is the name of a toilet paper manufactured by a now-defunct manufacturer of said toilet paper and other sanitary products. Springfield Oval has been likened to "double thick sandpaper wrapped around a tube."

In 1979, the manufacturer closed their doors, after losing their contract with the US Army, which also caused their very last customer, MIT, to switch away. Unfortunately, this left the annual Steer Roast pit lighting in trouble, since the lighting is performed with a flaming roll of toilet paper sliding four stories down a wire into the barbecue pit.

Sometime in the mid-80s, a last roll of Springfield Oval was found in Walker Memorial. This last roll had pieces of toilet paper extracted from it, and attached to the roll of flaming toilet paper (not Springfield Oval) each year. On May 4, 2001, the last known piece of Springfield Oval descended in a ball of fire into the pit in the Senior House courtyard to the delighted cheers of 200 onlookers, at which point mud wrestling commenced.

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