Spyro: Season of Ice is a game from Digital Eclipse and Universal Interactive, released November 20, 2001.

It is the first Spyro game for Gameboy Advance (the first Spyro games were made for Playstation).

Spyro ("The cute little dragon with an attitude problem", as one review said), Hunter and Bianca embark on holy quest to thaw a hundred frozen fairies. A two-headed rhynoc called Grendor just happened to see Bianca's spell book and read a spell from it that transformed him into gigantic mad genius, with severe headaches. A footnote in the spell book mentioned that wings of fairies would make an excellent painkiller. The rest is history.

The game is your average isometric/top-down/3D action-adventure game.

Spyro gets to roast Rhynocs, collect diamonds and solve some smallish puzzles. Controls are easy enough. Spyro can walk around, glide, charge and ram things with horns (I called this, in Pokémon style, "Dragon Rage" =), and, of course, use the fiery breath weapon to break things up, light things up, and to roast threats. Sparx the dragonfly follows Spyro around, and shows how many hits Spyro can take before quitting.

In addition to normal levels, there are also 3D levels, and also top-down levels where Sparx gets to deal with some nasty bugs, all alone.

From some initial playing, I could say the game is pretty nice; the graphics and sounds are pretty good and the game is easy to master and is not too easy. I had some initial confusion with controls (the game is isometric and controlling to diagonal directions with GBA direction pad is not my full-day job).

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