Stacrobats is a dexterity game for one to four players by Theora Design, published by Ravensburger. The object of the game is to "add your stacrobats one at a time to the growing tower without making any of them fall off." If you run out of stacrobats, you've won.

In Stacrobats, each player has several flat plastic people of the same color (stacrobats). The players take turns adding one of their pieces to a mass of precariously interlocked others. Each of the pieces has six protuberances (two feet, two hands, a curved pointy hat, and curved pointy coat tail) and four holes. They can be stacked using any combination of connection, leverage, gravity, leaning, and luck that works. On your turn, if you add a stacrobat and nothing falls, you're golden. If something does fall, then you take the fallen stacrobats into your hand and have that much more to stack before you run out of pieces.

There are a few complications (use only one hand, nothing can touch the table, etc.), but basically that's the game.

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