Note: I am going to try very hard not to sound new age-y in this writeup, as far as possible.

Star Languages are apparently our original tongues, a far more ‘natural’ form of expression, says this trippy new ageish type fellow, Solara. Solara is a hermit, ‘the hermit from the crystal mountain, in fact, and despite the topic matter he writes some damn beautiful sentences sometimes. He outlines Star Language in his book “How To Live Large On A Small Planet”.

When we speak in Star Language we are communicating what we do not yet know that we know. This language is not understood by the mind, instead it is transmitted into our cells where it activates our ‘cellular memory banks’. Yes, we understand it with our hearts. It requires no word to word translation, for this is where earth languages are too limiting. It is rather a transference of ‘essence’.

The best part is we do not have to undergo the process of trying to remember a whole new language. It is an everchanging mode of communication, embedded inside each of us. Apparently all we need do is just start freely speaking, and let whatever sounds and words form that feel natural to you. It is their resonance that communicates your feelings, not the actual words. In this way, if you have a problem, you are supposed to quit talking it through with yourself in normal language and use Star Language.. this resonance and its clarity will cut right through to the core of the problem and offer a myriad of solutions. Just start speaking, out loud.

Ana-lita c’ai miapya bleichia plapata chinaikaba.

I don’t know what that means but with practise, I am sure it will become clear. Star Language is apparently the deepest way we can communicate with children, and actually this makes sense because as they are learning to speak themselves, their language is not so ingrained and they are truly communicating their feelings, not just words. It is suggested that Star Language is extremely helpful when dealing with unruly and rebellious children; it improves communication immensely.

To start off with, it is beneficial to speak in Star Language with animals. Instead of saying, “C’mere Oscar! Good boy, Oscar!” we should try something like, “Ki-e-neh, koosh-ne”. However, we are not supposed to try this phrase on cats. Birds apparently do not fly away when you use Star Language. Butterflies linger on your skin. We should also use the same principles on plants, and watch them flourish.

Oh, and don’t limit Star Language to living creatures. Try it on inanimate, household objects. I kid you not, this is what Solara advises. It sounds insane but I will try it, if only to get my computer to stop acting like a bitch on occasion. Star Language also helps you to recall things. This is because we are accessing those aforementioned cellular memory banks, each time we use the dialect.

It is also of most ‘importance’ to remember that everybody is a good singer in Star Language, and to practise it as regularly as possible.

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