A very long, pointless game created by an anonymous author sometime last year(2001). The game itself is very small in size, and is free for download at several locations on the web.

In the middle of the window is a big button displaying the word "click". Around the edges of the box are different "stats" you build as you continue upon your quest.

Along the way, you encounter many obstacles, but as there are no pictures to display anything, you are only given a text representation of the action going on. The only skill required to play this game is a tireless right hand that can click endlessly for hours.

You are given several choices as whether or not to perform certain actions such as "drinking the vile fluid" and so on. By choosing in favor or against certain actions, you are either awarded "stats" or some "stats" are removed. Some of the stats you can build are: intelligence, strength, magic points, bravery, and so on.

If you can stand to sit through hours of endless clicking and humor, you are awarded the level of "impossible quest", and the game supposedly gets harder. Again, however, there is no real difficulty to the game to begin with, and the quest only becomes more annoying and longer it seems. The only end I've found comes at level 200 when finally you die some horrible, unavoidable death.

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