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I want to create a salt that when put on something such as chips stays on the food.

Don't you find it a pain to not be able to snack on food items like these when working, simply because the salt comes off your your fingers, and you can't wipe them on your pants, because you're dressed nice?

So, a way to solve all these problems would, of course, be a sticky salt. I know, I know: "What if it gets on your fingers before the food?"

Well, dear friend, then you have a problem. ;)

Water sprizter? I wonder if spit would work. ;)

I don't know how you'd go about making sticky salt commercially, as you'd have trouble keeping the salt from sticking to each other in a large mess, but I can tell you how they keep the large salt grains on the big pretzels you get at the movie theater.

They have a sprayer with water in it. A few spritz on the pretzel, and the salt sticks to it. Perhaps if you walked around with a water sprayer, you wouldn't have the problem with the salt coming off your food.

(One of the few things I learned working at a movie theater one summer...)

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