1. Once the actual stock to be transferred is prepared and is made ready by Warehouse, A copy of the Stock Transfer Form (STF) is given to Delivery. Delivery will verify the qty of the stock to be delivered against the STF. Delivery will countersign on the STF to verify the quantity to be delivered. Warehouse is not allowed to turn over the stock to Delivery without Delivery counter-verifying the STF.

Any discrepancies are immediately to be reported to Warehouse and Internal Audit to establish the nature of the discrepancy and if there is any liability because of it. A discrepancy report is prepared and distributed to the concerned departments.

2. Once the STF has been verified, delivery based on the schedule will transfer the stocks to the requesting store. Delivery will inform Warehouse and Store, the estimated time and schedule of the delivery.


1. When a delivery to the store is made, the Store Staff together with the Manager will verify the quantity delivered to the qty indicated in the STF. Once the goods are in the store, the sales staff, store supervisor, and delivery person conduct receiving procedures. A Receiving Report (RR) is prepared based on ACTUAL COUNT of the stock.

Delivery personnel are not allowed to turn over the stock to the store without a RR nor are they allowed to prepare one. Any discrepancy from the STF is immediately reported to Warehouse, Accounting, Store Manager, and Merchandising.

2. In the event there is a discrepancy, the receiving store shall immediately inform the Warehouse, Accounting, Store Manager and Merchandising of the discrepancy. A discrepancy report will be prepared and Internal Audit will be advised for an investigation on the matter to establish the nature of the discrepancy and who is liable.

3. A copy of the STF and RR are immediately sent to MIS (Management Information System for immediate encoding and updating of the SPR(Stock Position Report).

4. Merchandise will be stocked and displayed based on the merchandising guidelines of the brand or of the store.

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