Strategic Commander is a member of the Sidewinder series of devices. It is specifically made for Real Time Strategy games. The device, which looks something like a mouse, is meant to augment your button pressing capability. It works like any other chord based input device, except there is system software by which you can program in macros to run certain sets of buttons as key strokes.

I have one, and have found it to be too high of a learning curve to use properly. If you are a serious RTS gamer, however, then this combined with a high precision mouse, is definately the device for you to replace the mundane keyboard for competitive use.

The device is being advertised to go along with Microsoft's Age of Empires 2 expansion: The Conquerors. MS's input devices have traditionally been of excellent quality, which is suprising from a company who gets so much flack over the quality of its software.

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