Most famous for being the birthplace and home of William Shakespeare, Stratford is a medium sized, picturesque market town in Warwickshire, UK, situated on the river Avon. It is flocked to by millions of american, japanese, european and english tourists and schoolchildren every year, normally when I want to have a nice, quiet mooch around.

There are loads of historic buildings and Ye Olde teashops to wander into, as well as plenty of big name stores and junk shops. There's the fantastic Royal Shakespeare Theatre to visit, and the expansive parks around the river are well worth meandering around. There's even extortionately priced row boats to take out on the water and capsize in the summer :o)

There's a really good farmers market that happens once in a blue moon, but I suggest you go to and look up Stratford for yourself if you want to know more about what's on. It's a busy, bustling, crowded place on a sunny day, so going on a slightly wet, typical British afternoon is a good idea. The medieval buildings and general lack of modern glass and concrete mean that even in the direst weather, Stratford still looks cool.

(See also Stratford-on-Avon)

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