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Studio Julmahuvi is definitively one of the best Finnish TV comedies ever made. It was shown on channel TV2 in 1998. The hilarious and innovative humor which made fun about nature documents, German detective series and Rocky- movies, to mention few, was the reason it quickly became a cult. The show was made mainly by five men; the actors Petteri Summanen, Tommi Korpela, Jukka Rasila and Janne Reinikainen and the director Jani Volanen.

From the many good sketches, I think the best one was "Viimeiset Vaeltajat" (The Last Wanderers), a nature document where two researchers, a Finn and an American, were studying the life of a streetcar called "Mishka". Another great "document" was "Paradise Cocktail - Truth behind the scenes", which showed us the dark side of soap operas. The beauty of these sketches is that if you don't understand the language or just put the volume down, you could almost believe you are watching a real document.

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