So did anyone else feel like the title card for Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, with her lying on a crushed car after jumping from a skyscraper, was a fairly repulsive appropriation of the infamous photograph of Evelyn McHale’s body, taken after she jumped from the Empire State building?


-posted on Tumblr


A white scarf drifts in the morning sky

her gray cloth coat sleeps on the railing

and she like a long dark bird descends 

clutching her pearls

Evelyn wants only to die

to die

Taylor Swift and I

say girlfriend please

Evelyn leaves black and white pictures behind

and she like a ghost steps into the sky

clutching her pearls

such a beautiful end

Evelyn says let me die

let me die

no service no tears

ashes to ashes

we say no Taylor Swift and I

so haunting so sad

no way girlfriend

her black leather purse waits by the railing

Evelyn leaves a letter behind

no prayers and no coffin

Evelyn wants only to be forgotten

she steps from the railing and Evelyn passes

through white hot clouds and morning sky

to die 

to die

and we say no

too bad girlfriend

clutching our pearls

Taylor Swift and I

scatter her wishes as if they were ashes. 

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