The Supplementary Vote system (SV for short) is an electoral system proposed by the Labour MP Dale Campbell Savours. It is a variation on the Alternative Vote system and so is a form of majority system since the winner needs to gain the majority of the votes to gain power. However there are subtle differences which will become clear further on.

How it Works

The country is split into constituencies and candidates stand to be elected in these constituencies. The voters in these constituencies then choose (at election time) who they want to be their representative by putting a tick in the first column for their first preference and a tick in the second column for their second preference. The first preferences are counted together and if a candidate wins over 50% of the vote then they win. If there is no one with a majority then the losing candidates (those who didn't get into the top two) are cast out of the race and the second preferences of the losers are added to the top two (those that voted for the two remaining as a second choice after the losers (who were their first choice)). The candidate with the highest number of votes after this is the winner.



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