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One of Vekoma's standard cookie cutter designs for steel roller coasters, the SLC is an inverted coaster that features five inversions. The first two inversions come in an element called the cobra roll, and then riders are sent into a twist loop followed by two heartline flips. The footprint of the SLC is about 360 by 158 feet, and the track length is usually about 2,170 feet. Vekoma states that the theoretical capacity of the SLC is 1,070 riders per hour.

The first SLC was the El Condor, which opened at Six Flags Holland in May 1997. Other examples of the SLC around the world include the Mind Eraser at Six Flags America near Washington, D.C., the Mayan Adventure at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Taiwan, and Dessafío at Parque de la Costa in Buenos Aires. There are a total of 25 standard SLC rides operating, and Vekoma also custom-designed four others - one in the United States, two in Japan, and one in Brunei.


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