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Originally known as Veldkoning, or King of the Fields, when it was founded in 1926, the company was developed in the Netherlands to manufacture harrows, plows, and sowing machines. The company became known as Eerste Nederlands Staalploeg en Pompenfabriek ("First Dutch Steelplow and Pumps Factory") in 1948, when equipment trading became another part of the company's mission. When the agriculture industry began to decline in the early 1950s, the company changed its focus to the creation of larger steel structures for the mining industry - and changed its name once again, this time to Machinefabriek Vekoma. Throughout the 1960s the Vekoma company worked mostly in mining and petrochemicals, then in 1967 entered the amusement park ride industry by constructing its first ferris wheel. Ten years later, the company shifted into the fabrication of roller coasters and in 1983 devoted itself to that sector completely. Today, Vekoma Rides has produced a number of innovations including the Suspended Looping Coaster, Boomerang, Invertigo, LSM coasters, and the new Flying Dutchman. Although there are 350 employees worldwide, production facilities are still in the Netherlands and in China. Subcontractors are located throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia. The company is part of the ShowQuest Entertainment group, and plans future rides including the tilt coaster and a hammerhead stall. The current focus is on making rides smoother to accommodate a wider market range - they want to appeal to families, seniors, and younger guests.

There are nearly 175 Vekoma coasters operating throughout the world, the only continent not reached by the company is Antarctica. More than fifty of these are in the United States, including Batwing at Six Flags America, five steel Mind Erasers at various Six Flags parks, and Disneyland's Space Mountain. Rides in other countries include the Middle East's only roller coaster, the Thunderbolt, three of the four coasters at Disneyland Paris, and eleven coasters in the company's home country (four at Six Flags Holland).


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