As the moon cast her soft pale light down to earth last night, I floated gently on the surface of my swimming pool. The cold Berkeley night air snapped lightly against my shoulders, while the rest of my body was bathed in warm water, evoking a peaceful, almost embryonic, calm in my stressed muscles. Steam gently rose out of the pool, glowing slightly from the illumination from the pool lamps.

While the rest of the world slept in their beds in the early morning hours, resting for the upcoming day at work, school, and home, I pondered my life and loves under the moon's watch. The world has a different sound, a different aura, a different smell at night; the sun brings with it hustle and bustle, noise, traffic and the stink of adrenaline. Under the night sky, I looked up and saw the clouds float silently as did I in the water.

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