Also known as super-station TBS. It began as UHF Channel 17 in Atlanta, but after it was purchased by Ted Turner and put on satellite in the late 1970's it became a cable television behemoth, offering everything from Atlanta Braves baseball to wrestling to Bugs Bunny. Today it is where one can catch Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Located centrally in Tokyo's Akasaka district of Minato-Ku, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc. (Channel 6) is one of the four major commercial terrestrial television networks in Japan and the only one which provides both television and radio. Since its first radio broadcast in 1951 and TV broadcast in 1955, TBS has served as the key station for the 34-member Japan Radio Network and the 28-member Japan News Network (Unlike european TV-stations, japanese private stations are not nationwide, but limited in area, joining up in networks). JRN and JNN comprise independent radio and TV stations across the country.

Their programming is mostly entertainment, usually very colorful (just look at the decor in most shows. Rhey love colours all right) and full of original ideas. For example, they were the station to air Takeshi Kitano's Takeshi's Castle. They also have an extensive anime schedule, although not as extensive as TV Tokyo, the premiere free-TV anime provider. Finally, they also show a lot of original Dorama-series.

I am currently working as an Intern at TBS in the Media Division for foreign programme sales (yes, the part that also licenses Anime to other countries).

TBS is the exclusive television home of Atlanta Braves baseball and will probably continue to be so for a long time to come. Why? Well, back when TBS was getting off the ground Ted Turner bought the broadcast rights to the Atlanta Braves games. When he found that the ratings for these games were spectacular and was becoming a driving force in putting the station on the cable map, he bought the team to guarantee that his network would retain broadcast rights.

After all, why would he grant the broadcast rights of his team to anyone else but his network?

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