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an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

by Jonathan, age nine

It was Halloween and everyone was happy except the Sanders. The Sanders were really mean people. They hated Halloween, so this year they wanted to make this the last Halloween ever! Meanwhile, Camryn, Greg, Joseph and Jon were playing. Greg said,  "I heard that there is going to be a full moon tonight."   Camryn said,   "Yeah, and I heard that the haunted house is going to be open!"   Joseph was trembling with fear. He said,   "You're kidding, right?"   They answered,  "No, Ah, Ah, Ah."   Joseph screamed! "I'll just stay home", he said. "No!" said Jon,   "Everyone is going."   "But, but, but..."   said Joseph. Jon cut him off,   "no buts".

Just then the doorbell rang. It was Steven and Anthony. They said,   "What is taking so long? You were supposed to be at the graveyard an hour ago!"  "Joseph won't come. He is too scared."   Joseph finally said that he would go, so they went off to the haunted house.

They boys went down Main Street, through Blackberry Drive, down Wall Street, and ocross only Aikman Drive. They took a left and went right inside of the haunted house. They saw a ghost sitting and playing his drum on the spot where he died. But they were okay because they realized that it was just Steven acting up again.

They went down into the basement and saw a werewolf.   "Ha, ha, ha."   They ran up the stairs, but the door they came down through was now locked. They looked back and saw the werewolf, with a witch and goblin. The boys all screamed. No one heard them! Then, Joseph and Camryn started fighting back. Joseph was spreading his arms into a full wingspan and started spinning around. He knocked the beast down the stairs and busted the door open. Joseph ran out. He ran so far that no one knows where he is today.

The other boys ran to the graveyard in record time. Steven said,   "I am never going back there again!"   "Me neither",   said Anthony. Suddenly, they looked around. Camryn was gone! They looked everywhere and couldn't find him. But wait, they heard a voice! The boys rushed over. A vampire was attacking Camryn! The vampire was very scary!   "We have to save Camryn",  they shouted. So, they made a plan. They would distract the vampire, and then they could snatch the vampire and tie him up.

Well, it worked. But, the vampire's head fell off. It was Reggie Sanders!!   "So",  they thought, The Sanders family was up to no good! The boys called the police who came and took Reggie off to the police station.

Then they saw the goblin coming after them. The witch and the werewolf were right behind the,. The boys ambushed all three, tied them up and sent them to the jail with the vampire - Reggie Sanders. It was the whole Sanders family in disguise.

Finally the boys went back to trick-or-treat. Meanwhile, the Sanders family was spending Halloween in jail and they were fined $5,000 for reaching the basement ahead of time to scare people. Oh, brother! Their plan to end Halloween forever was ruined and so were they.

The End

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