Introduction of the TI-92
When it was released, the TI-92 was a huge departure from TI's previous graphing calculators. It is held horizontally and has a larger display, computer-style QWERTY keyboard(making it illegal to use on almost all standardized tests), graphical user interface(GUI, like a computer), 3D graphing features(a new feature), and a Motorola 68000 processor (previous TI calculators relied on slower Z80 processors). Programmers were anxious to make use of the TI-92 for efficient assembly programming, and a loophole was eventually discovered to make this possible. As a result, many impressive games, most in ASM, and programs are now available for the TI-92, and with the potential for upgradability (see the TI-92 Plus), the TI-92 seems unlikely to be replaced any time soon. This calculator is now Discontinued. Note: Some of this came from TIcalc.

TI-92 Specifications
CPU : 10 MHz MC68000
Memory : 68K RAM
Screen Size : 240x128 pixels
Link Port? Yes

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