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Super-heroes created by Mort Weisinger and published by DC Comics. TNT and Dan the Dyna-mite first appeared in World's Finest Comics #5 in 1941.

Thomas N. Thomas was a child of parents with a mean streak, but overcame his early life to gain a nickname of "Tex" and a job as a high school chemistry teacher. While a teacher, Thomas met Dan Dunbar, one of his students who shared his passion for chemistry. The two often worked after school together on chemistry experiments. One day after working, the two touched by accident causing an explosion that charged the two with energy. The result was that the two were gifted with incteased speed, strength, and resistance to harm for a brief time afterward.

The two determined that their experimentation had caused one of them to become negatively charged and the other positively charged so that when they touched, there was energy released. The two decided that they should use their newfound abilities for the good of others, so they created costumed identities as TNT and Dan the Dyna-mite. The two used rings to channel their energy in their disguised identities.

The two became members of the super-hero team the All-Star Squadron after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They fought along side other heroes for only a few years before TNT was killed by the Norse-themed villainess, Gurda the Valkyrie.

Dyna-mite was despondent over the loss of his partner and retired from heroing for a short time. He had kept both of the rings which they had used to channel their power and one day touched the two rings together, discovering that it still had the same effect upon him. He became active again as a hero after that point.

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