The Music Tapes,a band in the Elephant 6 Recording Company, have a song entitled "the television tells us". The song is about how televisions are a race of observers and they came to Earth to observe the lives of humans because they can't live their own life. The televisions explain they came to observe life, but once they arrived on Earth all humans stopped living and watched the televisions dream of what it is like to live a real life.

The song is on the album "1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad" released on Merge Records.

If you live in a house built before 1950, you'll find that there's often no place for a TV in your house.

For example, in my tiny starter home, we have a single living room. This room is designed to be focused around the fireplace which takes up a large chunk of the room. Putting a TV on another wall really disrupts the whole feng shui of the place.

Possible solutions to this are to put the TV in the fireplace, thus rendering the fireplace useless for it's intended purpose (or the TV for its intended purpose), or to get one of those cool flat screen plasma TV sets and put it over the fireplace on the mantel. If we could afford the latter, though, we'd just get a bigger house.

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