A person who runs the conversation in talk shows. The attitude and style of the talk show host is usually what defines the entire character of a talk show. The host mediates the conversation with the guests and between the guests and the audience. There are two main types of talk show host, the late night and the day time. The late night talk show host, like David Letterman or Johnny Carson, usually talk to stars and hype the movie or whatever product the star is selling. With late night talk show host there is usually a comedic monologue about recent events. The audience is forbidden from communicating with the famous people on stage. The day time talk show host usually deals with real people and there problems and may have a monologue if the host was or is a comedian. The day time talk show host fields questions from the audience. The most popular day time talk show host in the history of the universe is Oprah, who because of her gigantic popularity does get famous guests but its usually to make them seem like real people.

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