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Book #35 in the series Animorphs by K.A. Applegate.

Disclaimer: If you've heard of Animorphs and you're thinking "Aww, how cute," maybe you should read my introduction to the first book to see how wrong you are.


Animorphs #35
by K.A. Applegate

Summarized Plot:

Marco may be fighting an intergalactic war, but it's his home life that's got him unable to cope. His dad is dating Nora, his math teacher, and they seem to be getting serious. He doesn't like it because his mom is still alive. Because he's right on the edge, Marco starts having trouble with his morphing ability, sometimes unexpectedly morphing into mixes of two animals at once. During the various Animorph missions to go after William Roger Tennant, an influential talk show host who's a Controller, Marco keeps running into the same problems. After spy missions and attempts to make Tennant freak out in public to ruin his image lead to nothing good, Marco begins to use a morph of his dad's girlfriend's dog to harass Tennant, and since he's known as an animal lover he can't hurt him in public. They stage a way to expose him on television, but even through all this, Marco doesn't know who to turn to with his feelings. When he's faced with having to accept or veto his father's remarriage, Marco has to figure out how to get a grip.

About this book:

Narrator: Marco

New known controllers:

  • William Roger Tennant, talk show host of Contact Point
  • Crew members

New morphs acquired:


  • This book is ghostwritten by Jeffrey Zuehlke.

  • Marco explains in his opening ramble that Yeerks are from another galaxy, which contradicts what's been said before but falls in line with a joke he makes in a later book. Question is, does he just think Yeerks are from another galaxy, or are they supposed to be and it was part of the continuity that changed, or were they not supposed to be and the ghostwriters were messing up that detail? (Most likely option is the last.)

  • It seems odd that Ax continues to use the wrong terms for everyday objects, like "artificial skins" for clothes and "artificial hooves" for shoes, but then also DOES sometimes use the right words. It seems more designed to make his alien-ness funny than it seems realistic.

  • It is said specifically in this book that Andalites have seven fingers. Before that, other books referred to them as having more fingers than humans, but unless the covers were consulted, it was unclear how many fingers they had. This book is specific.

  • This book contains the phrase "free reign," which is a common mistake. The correct phrase is "free rein."

  • This book includes the word "personna" which was apparently supposed to be "persona."

  • This book includes the band Hanson. Their description in the book helps date the events.

  • In this book, Ax is human but uses thought-speak, which was implied to not be possible before. In previous "notable" sections, it's been listed that Ax should be able to use thought-speak while in a human morph, as thought-speak isn't something that gets removed just because a creature has the ability to speak, but other books have suggested he has to use his mouth if he's human. The way it works in this book seems more logical.

Best lines:

Ax: "From 'These Messages' on television, I have learned that fitness requires particular shoes and particular clothing. It is not possible to become physically fit dressed as you are, Marco."

Jake: "Didn't he write all those Men Are from Jupiter, Women Are from Venus books?"
Ax: "I do not believe either Jupiter or Venus are inhabitable, certainly not by humans."
Cassie: "Mars, not Jupiter."
Ax: "Mars may be marginally habitable."
Rachel: "Actually, some guys are from Uranus."

Rachel: "Major smear campaign. That's how you take down a celebrity. Unless he's like a politician. Or an athlete. They're immune."

Ax: "Perhaps your father is Young and Restless. Those who are Young and Restless frequently change mates."

Marco: "The point is we're all hanging on by our fingernails. What right do I have to go nuts?"
Cassie: "As much right as anyone."

Ax: "I am quite capable of this simple maneuver. Marco was merely concerned that I would go postal. But I have no mail."

Cassie: "You know, at the clinic we're always getting animals who are hurt or injured by humans. By jerks who shoot at them for no reason, or try and burn them, or whatever. And I used to get so mad. I just hated those people. And I'd feel like I was wasting my time because, you know, there's always some jerk with a twenty-two. I'd rage about it. But my dad told me, 'Deal with what is.'"
Marco: "What's that mean?"
Cassie: "It means, the animal is hurt. Help the animal."

Next book: Visser

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