A small (around 320mm long) Australian bird. Their scientific name is Leptolophus hollandicus. The males have a yellow face with orange spots over the ears. The females have a dull orange spot over the ears, and yellow bars under their tail. Cockatiels nest in the hollow limbs of trees. They make good pets, and can live to be 20-25 years old.

There are special names for them depending on how they are colored:
  • Cinnamon: They have a uniform cinnamon color.
  • Fallow: Similiar to a cinnamon, with a more yellow face, and red eyes.
  • Lutino: Yellow/white with pink feet and red eyes. They tend to be bald behind their crest.
  • Normal: They are a uniform grey, with white on the edge of their wings. They have grey feet and dark brown eyes.
  • Pearl: They have white pearl lacings.
  • Pied: Part yellow, part grey.
  • Silver: A silverish grey color. Some have black eyes, and some have red eyes.
A bird can also be from more than one category, for example a Cinnamon Pearl Pied.

[Editor's note: Leptolophus is a genus of extinct horses from the early Cenozoic. The scientific classification of the cockatiel is Nymphicus hollandicus.]

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