Tao Lin is an "important" "author" known for his hyperbolically "ironic" prose and "poetry". He also makes "art" and holds an ardent following on the internets.

Tao Lin is a frequent contributor to the essay site Thought Catalog and an activer "tweeter". Lin has also contributed to a number of other publications, both in print and online, such as New York Orbserver, The Believer, and Gawker. Earlier this year Lin began a weekly column for Vice Magazine entitled "Drug-Related Photoshop Art" which merges his perennial "themes" of drugs and "technology" and "bad" art.

Once he did a reading of his "experimental" novel Richard Yates after having ingested a "heroic dose" of "magic" mushrooms. A recording of this reading was later posted to Youtube, where it became an instant "sensation". The novelty of that "act" is perhaps "lessoned" by the "fact" that his novel "Richard Yates" is composed of a series of IM conversations between two young people who happen to share the names of two "Hollywood celebrities" that you are supposed to "know" of already.

Clancy Martin called Tao Lin "Kafka for the iPhone generation". Lin's book 2009 "novella" Shoplifting from American Apparel has been sold in Urban Outfitters and is something of an "inside joke" on American Apparel's "unofficial" company policy of tacitly allowing "cool" kids to steal from their stores. 

In 2008 he founded his own publishing concern, Muumuu House. In 2010 he founded MDMAfilms, in conjunction with his "partner" Megan Boyle. So far they have released the feature-length "art films" MDMA and Mumblecore as well as a documentary on Bebe Zeva.

Tao Lin holds a BA in journalism from NYU and currently teaches a graduate course called "The Contemporary Short Story" at Sarah Lawrence College. Lin has also lectured at a number of other institutions as an "author in residence". He makes his "home" in Manhattan, where he was born on July 2, 1983.

Tao Lin's home online is http://heheheheheheheeheheheehehe.com/.

Tao Lin's first "novel" is Eeeee Eee Eeee

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