A collection of over 1,000 sacred texts relating to the great Tao and magical practices thereunto.

This body of works is divided into sections (or Caverns):

The Cave of Truth (titles 1-313) Trances, Spirit Writing and Meditation.

Cave of Mystery (titles 314-614) Powerful Five Talismans, Liturgies, Festival of Cosmic Renewal & other Talismans.

Cave of Spirits (titles 615-975) Revelations given at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to Chang Tao-ling, founder of the Heavenly Master Sect.

The fourth (titles 976-1,086), Fifth (titles 1,087-1,152) and sixth (titles 1,153-1,176) Caves are described as supplements to the first three respectively.

The Orthodox One (titles1,177-1,412)

Later Taoist Works (titles 1,413-1,464) completes the edition.

Regretably only a very few of these texts have been translated into English.

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