A British-based software company known for their irreverant sense of humor (humour) and cartoon-like graphics. They're responsible for the Worms games and the new 3D, multi-linear space combat game, "Phoenix."

Games by Team 17:

More when I find that PC Gamer CD with the games database on it.

Team 17 were one of the great myths of the 16-bit era. Originally formed as an in-house coding team for the mail order company 17-bit, they released a string of Amiga games that Amiga owners see as classics, but sane people see as rather shoddy clones of successful coinop and console games of the day. Their best game (that I can remember) was the sublime (relatively) Alien Breed.

Most of their games IIRC were bought in from coders from various bits of Europe (except Worms, which was famously created by a student who demoed it to them at a trade show). Some of their games were : Stardust (an Asteroids clone), Body Blows (an execrable SFII clone), Rally Fever (an actually OK-ish PC Out Run clone), Worms (a clone of the classic cannon-firing game, as seen QBasic Gorillas), and the various sequels thereof. They also did some scrolling shooters which I can't remember the names of (Project X was one). There was little humour that I can recall in their games, well compared to Sensible Software's hilarious and brilliant ouvre anyway. The Arthur Daly of the computer games world. Oh, and Worms was shit.

Never pick a fight with the fans of a computer that can be used to club you to death...

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