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Technologically Regulated Technology

The Trend
        With the advent of increasing technology that is far superior to anything we could have ever possibly imagined several years ago, there comes a certain slowing trend in the advancement itself.  This slowing is, in fact, caused by something that we all take for granted everyday.  This cumbersome entity is so large and so ever-present that it is looked at as enormous in the way gods are thought of as big.  This entity is the capitalistic system of commerce

Capitalism as an Introducing Idea
       Capitalism is the idea of working for your money.  The capitalistic idea ensures us that the people with the most innovative and entrepreneurial ideas will be the richest.  Bill Gates for example had a very innovative idea to create and operating system that everyone could use because it was graphically based and not as cryptic as previous systems.  That got his foot in the door to launch the company that eats other companies up and buys out most of the market.  The reason Microsoft is such a giant isn’t because they are bastards – although, that maybe the idea most people have of them – it is because they know how to ‘play’ the capitalistic market very well.  This tangent has gotten a little far but it moves to point.  Looking at this information one might think that capitalism is great for people that are highly motivated by money.  That is true but what are the downfalls?  Illustration is sometimes the best example.

The Illustration by Example
        At first glance capitalism seems to be the greatest idea in the world and for the most part it is until you figure the ‘wasted capital through technological advancement’ equation.  Take this for example, a certain government agency spends 2 billion on a super computer that does 4 billion MIPS or million instructions per second.  It is working great for them so they expand their avenues and more and more data is pushed through this system everyday.  Soon, the money invested in the system, including initial price, maintenance, software, developers, managers, and training for them all becomes increasingly billions and billions of dollars more every day.  Say in a year or two a computer company finds a way to make a system that does 40 billion MIPS and their system can fit in the palm of a hand.  However, this new system uses an entirely different architecture and if the government agency were to invest in it, it would render all their maintenance, software, developers, and managers obsolete.  Consequently, this agency would loose billions of dollars, which isn’t good in a capitalistic system of government.  So they do not invest in it and no one really does because it has had no exposure.  This is the problem.  This new technology that is far superior to anything that is out there, dies because the change over would have been far more costly than just dealing with the existing system.  This is a very common occurrence in the New Technologies field.

The Idea
        In order to make this problem go away there needs to be a faction of people, government, corporate, or independent – hopefully not corporate – that will research a new highly adaptable, inexpensive technology that has the ability to migrate and or integrate into better and better technologies.  The answer to this problem can be said in 1 word, Nano-Technology



The Explanation
         This isn’t a new technological idea by any means.  Nano-Technology is the idea of smaller than microscopic insect-like, computer-driven machines that will be used for medical and military applications.  These computer-driven machines are called Nano-Technoids.  They are so small that millions of them can be injected into a person’s blood stream and programmed to destroy cancerous cells, repair internal damage, perform surgery with no incision, destroy harmful viruses, or help in healing large gaping wounds.  When their job is done they are harmlessly passed out of the person’s system in the same way the body filters the blood and changes it into urea.  The machines would be urinated from the body the next time the person went to the bathroom.  The way in which the Nano-Technoids perform these tasks is quite phenomenal.  They can be programmed with the ability to pull molecules out of the air and use them in the construction of new materials.  In this way, they can self-replicate.  Creating new Nano-Technoids form molecules surrounding them.  The only thing they need is the molecular structure of the material they were supposed to construct.  This structure can be studied by scientists and programmed into the Nano-Technoid’s memory.  An example to help explain this principle is the creation of a diamond.  Diamonds are primarily made up of highly compressed carbon molecules.  Once the molecular structure of a diamond is programmed into the Nano-Technoid’s memory, they can pull the carbon molecules out of the air and use them in conjunction with the molecular structure information to create diamonds of any pre-programmed size or shape.  The applications of a working machine that can be programmed with virtually any set of instructions and that is smaller than a molecule are almost unlimited.

The Dangers of Organization

The Dangers
         Obviously with something as small as a molecule and that has the power to create virtually anything from ‘thin air’ there comes a potential for misuse.  There is a moral question that has come up.  If these things fall into the wrong hands, could they potentially be so deadly to the point of human extinction?  The answer is yes and in this answer comes many reasons to completely erase any information of the Nano-Technoid technology.   In order to understand the total and utterly dangerous potential of the Nano-Technology one must first understand their organization.

The Organization
         The organization of any Nano-Technoid population can be explained by comparing it to the organization of an ant colony.  First and foremost there is a queen.  The queen is made up of thousands of drones, which will be explained later.  The queen is the epicenter of all the activity.  ‘She’ has the programming language capabilities to generate more drones and process extraordinary amounts of information sent back to ‘her’ by the drones.   ‘She’ is basically the heart of the colony.  The queen also has the potential for Artificial Intelligence or AI.  This is accomplished by the cooperation of the complicated algorithms of the thousands of drones of which ‘she’ is composed.  Even though ‘she’ is composed of thousands of drones, ‘she’ is no larger than a single human cell

            The drones are the hunters, scouts, and information gatherers of the colony.  They collect, process, and send countless amounts of information back to the queen for further, more complex processing.  The queen can easily create drones and a queen can be easy created by a few thousand drones.  An entire colony of billions of Nano-Technoids can be spontaneously generated from just a few thousand initial members.   

            Workers are exactly what their name insinuates.  They do all the ‘work’.  They are responsible for the creation of ‘tools’ for use by the drones and the queen.  A few hundred workers can create such things like weapons, protective ‘armor’, laser beam generators and such things.  The drones use these tools to scavenge and collect information.  Also, when there is a job to be done, say the penetration of a cancerous cell or the destruction of a dangerous virus, the workers are the ones who are called upon.  In the case of weapons and such tools, it is the workers who use their own creations.  Another application of the worker is if the queen orders them to form a larger organism and simulate its actions.  For example, the queen wishes to gather information on human behavior.  ‘She’ might order the workers to form a human body in which she and all of the drones will reside.  With all their processing power and capabilities, the colony would be able to form a ‘human’ organism, which appears to be real in almost every aspect aside from human emotion.  Emotion would have to be ‘learned’ using the AI capabilities of the queen.  In some cases there may even be multiple queens for redundancy, information protection, increased reproduction, and even more processing power.  The capabilities of such a colony could, in time, exterminate or even replace the human species.  It would be ironic in that fact considering they were created to help the human race

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