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Simple recipes require high quality ingredients. As some do not routinely consume tequila, a brief primer may guide the untutored. At the very least avoid mixto tequilas which are less than 100% blue agave. A good reposado is customary although, as with any recipe, variations exist. Arguably this is where expertise, passion, and technique play critical roles in application and subsequent appreciation of the appropriate membrane.

While not associated with haute cuisine, this delicacy is often hurried by the inexperienced, who are cheated out of what might have been. Cheap tequila and abuse of spirits render this an abomination, sordid in its offering and consumption. As far as I know, written copies of this recipe do not exist, beware of paper with faux aging which is a trickster's attempt to capitalize on the oral traditions of the enlightened.

Although the main ingredient is abundant in nature, caution must be exercised while procuring flesh that is neither overly aged or immature. Those put off by earthy, organic tastes and textures may prefer an exposed bud, however afficionados will forgo the tremble entirely if their exacting criteria can not be met. Care and nurturing of anything that consumes you will stand you in good stead. Diet should be simple, clean, and nourishing. Enthusiasts agree that timing is vital, the specific amount of tequila, less so. Disagreement exists among those who prefer using the small finger which exerts less pressure; this can be curled, tequila applied applied to the lateral edge and a stroking method used during the liquor transfer. An alternate camp finds the index finger permits a greater degree of control.

Whichever method is decided upon, special attention ought to be paid to the readiness of your recipient. Performed correctly, the minute quantity of tequila is applied somewhere between levels four and five so it can mingle with the Sanskrit essence known as amrita. If this technique is new to you, your partner, or both, know that this is where rushing leads to ruin. Some who have tremble failure behind them have reported a loneliness that your best tequila is unable to fully dispel.

Proper succulence is necessary to counter the tequila burn. Flowing amrita introduces unique flavors, insuring that each recipe yields its own aromas, warmth, and abundance. Once replete, a small fire or heated towel may be enjoyed without diluting satiation. Wrapped in clean sheets or soft blankets, recuperation time can be spent in quiet contemplation. Conversation should be light, minimal, and brief. When the first furls of dawn streak the darkened sky, a quieter version can be explored. Rumor has it that some may even forgo the tequila entirely, preferring a straight tremble and subsequent sunrise.

Note - It ought to be mentioned that this method was allegedly used by rum runners and their ilk to subdue female prisoners. This also served as an alcoholic method of inciting those whose inclination was to lie back and think of England. While some may believe those unsubstantiated tales of nautical persuasion, I have it on good authority that tequila was the original liquid used. The Mexican distiller who showed a Costa Rican native how to prepare an agave plant was given a fiesty Central American bride in exchange for his recipe that saved the family from starvation and incarceration when they couldn't pay their debts due to drought and subsequent crop failure. A descendant of his shared this secret with me after people at the party mocked his drink order which consisted of straight sipping tequila with tremble potential. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, and since some of you may know this person by another name, my source prefers to remain anonymous.


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