Periodically my little sister tells me that I enjoy research. While I routinely deny this accusation I will confess that I had quite a bit of fun researching edible underwear. First of all, edible underwear is underwear you can eat but does it taste good? All of my research indicates that it is horrible so if you are searching for a delicate morsel to tempt your appetite I would suggest you try a succulent piece of fresh fruit, a gourmet candy shoppe or, the baking aisle at your local grocery store.

Edible underwear is available in a variety of colors and textures however packages I've found indicate that when it comes to eatable unmentionables manufacturers expect one size to accomodate most. Women who like their undergarments to match will be gratified that they can purchase a candy bra to match their panties. Those who like to go all out could even purchase a candy necklace to complete the ensemble. Prices range from as low as $2.62 (both of the items listed for that price were on sale) and proceed from there.

While there are those who prefer having a prefabricated selection of refined sugar products others may want to give their hungry loved one a truly unique gift. Red lace candy can be purchased and knitted into a pair of underwear for the kinkster interested in consuming red dye as a pre-cunnilingus appetizer. For those lacking knitting needles I have discovered that take out chopsticks can be used to complete this uncomfortable garment and the bamboo sticks used to feed your lover later.

Edible underwear starts around 300 calories per serving depending on the kind and how much you consume. It has the disadvantage of possibly turning your mouth undesirable colors and may be one of the factors contributing to the obesity epidemic as fewer than 300 calories are burned during the typical sexual encounter. While every person has their own, unique flavor, edible underwear flavors include: chocolate, vanilla, mint, champagne, passion and forbidden fruit. Cherry seems to be the most sought after flavor, and the least likely to remain in stock for long.

Apart from gag gifts I can't see any real use for edible underwear especially after reading the knitter's advice to spray with vegetable oil to keep your panties moist if you need to save your gift for later. My verdict is that edible underwear are tacky, sticky, difficult to don and likely to leave a bad taste in a mouth that will later connect with your own. Puss and penis alike have flavors to savor so why not save money, prevent packaging waste and reduce calorie consumption while pleasing your partner politely, as Mother Nature intended?


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