A potentially very fun yet also very simple game that is best played with numerous people. It helps if the majority of them are drunk.

First, everyone sits in a big circle. Then everyone chooses their Totem Animal: this can be anything, in theory, but a few accepted ones tend to predominate - elephant, monkey, chicken, etc.. A totem animal has a sound and a gesture associated with it. These are best off made up as you go along, but here are some examples to help you:

You get the idea. The comic effect is enhanced if the gestures are funny and/or embarrassing.

Once everyone has chosen an animal, someone starts off. They make their animal gesture, and then someone else's. The person whose gesture they chose then must make their own gesture, and then someone else's. The person whose gesture was just made has to repeat their own gesture, and then do someone else's, etc.. If anyone is too slow to realise their gesture has been made, or is too slow to think of someone else's to do afterwards, then they either go out or have to take a drink or whatever punishment is deemed necessary.

It's guaranteed fun and amusement.

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