The Balancing Act is a kind of avant-garde folk-rock group. This group released two albums under the now-defunct Primitive Man label, which was a susidiary of I.R.S. Records.

The Balancing Act were:

The only bad thing about The Balancing Act is that it is now almost impossible to find their two albums, Three Squares and A Roof and Curtains, since they are criminally out of print. Sometimes you can find these excellent albums on eBay.

The Balancing Act is quite possibly the greatest music ever conceived and recorded for the purpose of mountain biking. Just to present some examples , here are a couple song titles:

How can you go wrong with song titles like that?

They sound like a cross between REM and a rootsier version of Guster, with lyrics that are more quirky than either of those bands. Quite possibly the most original folk act of the 80's.

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