she says she doesn't want to always feel protected
encapsulated in a steady fragile bubble of love
being forever found's as bad as being forever lost
at least that's what she says

she says that to have finally reached the shore
or to have finally sailed away is better
than the living that must come afterwards
whether at land or sea

he fears his true thoughts would dampen her feelings
he thinks the grey spaces do more to define us
than the time we spend in extreme blacks and whites
he keeps it to himself

he wants to agree, for he wants to relate
to reach her with empathy despite the hypocrisy
and manipulation of which he's aware
within his higher self

he tells her he doesn't want to turn on a light
he wants to let the natural light that may be
come in, or else be in the natural darkness
the way it wants to be

her face lights up as she makes a connection
as if they had felt and meant the same thing
this gentle deception's just part of the process
of time well wasted

March, 2018

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