An album by Loreena McKennitt, released September 30, 1997. This was her first major commercial success, made popular by the song The Mummers' Dance which was played frequently on the radio and was featured on a few movie soundtracks. This was the third album in the trilogy made up of The Visit, The Mask and Mirror, and The Book Of Secrets.

The album leads the listener on unexpected journeys. Follow the music from ancient Byzantium to a puppet-maker's theatre in Sicily, or from the rocky island of Skellig Michael once inhabited by Irish monks in the Dark Ages to Venice and the journeys of Marco Polo, or from the tragic narrative of "The Highwayman" to the thunder of hooves across the Caucasus and the echoes of Dante's words found, unexpectedly, in a train journey across Siberia.

Track listing:

  1. Prologue (instrumental)
  2. The Mummers' Dance
  3. Skellig
  4. Marco Polo (instrumental)
  5. The Highwayman
  6. La Serenissima (instrumental)
  7. Night Ride Across The Caucasus
  8. Dante's Prayer

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