The paradox that Captain Planet is physically hurt when exposed to pollutants, yet wears tight, modern manufactured clothes that are known pollutants (his suit is either lycra, spandex, or some other synthetic, it cannot be cotton or another natural fiber because it is not absorbent).

Since these are synthetic fibers produced in such a way that causes pollution, and are in fact pollutants themselves, Captain Planet's uniform should in fact hurt him. If anything, he should be wearing flowing, hand knit, wool robes. The only possible solution I can think of is that he is naked and his skin is colored to look like clothing, but that is highly unlikely for a wholesome saturday morning cartoon.

This is a paradox because, while the fact that he fights pollution is PC, he most clothe himself, which by the strictest definitions (which he should adhere) seems to be Un-PC, at least in the way he does (with synthetics).

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