Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell both believed water to be the symbol of the unconscious in thier respective fields, Campbell borrowing it from Jung. The surface is the Mind and the things that lie below it are the dim shapes we can barely make out.

Most of the time my ocean is a clear reflective blue, showing me the sky, the ceiling of my mind, and hiding the secrets of my lower mind so well that I can't even tell they exist any more.

But once in a while it happens: something stirs beneath the great curtain of water, something so great as to be visible, something that turns half of my reflective ignorance black and gives me a lurching sense of motion.

I can't predict when it will happen, but I know that it is often triggered by something I've sensed. A scene in a movie that speaks to me, or as George Fox would have said, Speaks to My Condition. Something that triggers a sense of -- of something that is too impossibly far from my everyday experience to put a word to and yet something so profoundly basic, something that is so Fundamental as to trigger the things within my lower brain to churn their great leviathan bodies closer to the surface for a look.

There are things too deep to see, things to dark to speak of.

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